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Picturk is the engine for photographers to run the competitions that are important to us - from monthly camera club competitions to international photography awards and everything in-between.

We are all about the photography. There is no other medium that’s as expressive and as accessible as photography.

We believe that the best way to get our work peer reviewed - to help us improve as photographers – is the photography competition. Photographic competitions stretch us to try new things and help us grow in our ability. Competitions help us get exposure and learn from each other. We want to make photography competitions as rich and expressive as possible. Our mission is to build the best competition experience possible.

If you are photographer, or have a photographic curatorial role, and would like to build an engaging experience for our community please get in touch.

At Picturk we help people run successful photography competitions. Over the last 18 months we’ve hosted over three hundred competitions on our platform; everything from simple camera club competitions, charity fund raisers, community engagement competitions, international salons, national photographer competitions, to international photography awards. Over half a million photography competitions will be run in 2014. We help your competition stand out from the crowd.

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We are on the look out for good people.

If you are an experienced Ruby on Rails developer, or UX designer with Javascript experience, and have a keen interest in photography please drop us an email,

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Run the very best photography competition you can. Attract thousands of excellent photographers. Keep focused by using one easy-to-use, scalable, always available platform. Picturk makes it possible.