The Irish Photographic Federations Print and Projected Image national competition is the one competition in Irish Photographic Federations calendar where individual members of camera clubs get to express themselves in competition against each other. Ireland’s largest camera club competition by entry and judged by international judges.

Measurable results

2,000 images entered; and
40% increase in entries

The Irish Photographic Federation

The Irish Photographic Federation helps Irish photographers improve their photography and promotes awareness of photography as a highly satisfying artistic outlet and leisure pursuit. The Federation represents the interests of approximately 8,000 camera club photographers throughout Ireland, and is composed of 5 regional Associations and approximately 100 camera clubs.

Photography competitions are essential activities in the IPF calendar that engage members and get them to stretch themselves and advance their photography. The two most important competitions ran by the Federation are the Print and Projected Image Competition and the National Nature Competition. Success in these competitions sees the photographers work progress to represent Ireland at the FIAP Biennial, the most prestigious international test of photography ran in the world today. In 2012 Ireland won the FIAP President Dr. Van de Wijer Trophy for the best combined biennial results in Colour, Monochrome, and Project Images.

Both the Print & Projected image competition and the National nature competition were run using the Picturk Platform.


Winning the FIAP Biennial has put real pressure on the IPF to continue to improve and progress the standard of photography in 2013.

The real drive in 2013 was to open the competitions up. Get more people participating in the competitions and improve engagement.

Irish Photographic Federation Print and Project Image National Competition

“The Print and Projected Image competition is the one competition in Irish Photographic Federations calendar where Individual Members of camera clubs to express themselves in competition against each other”, Mark Segwick.

The Irish Photographic Federations Print & Projected Image competition consists of 4 regional heats and one final. Four individual regions within the IPF each ran their own regional competition, the top images in each regional heat made it to the final.

Each of the regional competitions was hosted using the Picturk platform. According to Daragh Sherwin, the DSLR regional event co-ordinator, having an easy-to-use online made it easier for people to enter the competition. More people entered each of the regional heats than any other year.

According to Michael O'Sullivan, "as a National Competition Co-ordinator with the Irish Photographic Federation, I face many challenges coordinating a national competition which is open to Club members only. The National Print & Projected Image competition is the biggest competition for individual entrants in the National calendar. It deals with both printed and digital Projected images across 6 categories, both open and themed. Qualification for the finals is exclusively via regional rounds, of which there are 4. It is vital that the registering, handling, displaying & scoring for all images is slick, fast and accurate, and complete transparency is maintained throughout the process from entry at club or regional level, through to the National Finals. Picturk has been a vital asset in helping us to achieve our vision for this competition. The system meets all of the above challenges with ease. It is also VERY easy for the individual user, and does nothing to complicate the entry process. If anything, it makes the competition far more accessible, and has been instrumental in helping us to increase our entry on previous years. The quality of support from the team at Picturk has also been fantastic. Their Hands on, personal approach makes all the difference! They made our competition their competition, and our goals their goals, and I think that made all the difference!"

The judges scores were entered live in the system at the competition event making it easy track scores and awards on the day and to generate report cards after the event. The whole process was simplified making it easier for the competition organisers leaving them time to enjoy the competition and most importantly the photography.

Hosting each of the regional events on Picturk made pulling the final together a breeze. According to Niamh Whitty, the event co-ordinator, “Picturk saved us a lot of work. We had everything computerised we were able to do a very simple cross check to makes sure that every print had an entry in the system and every entry in the system had an associated print, we were able to sort by regions and clubs, and pull out the data we need very quickly. One of the big administrative burdens running any competition is finding the winners. With picturk you press one button and there you go you’ve got your top scoring image, it saves a lot of time, and a lot of hassle on the day”.

Run the very best photography competition you can. Attract thousands of excellent photographers. Keep focused by using one easy-to-use, scalable, always available platform. Picturk makes it possible.