The photography awards are now part of The Irish Times yearly Calendar of Events. The largest annual photography awards ran in Ireland with over 10,000 photographs entered. Curated by 10 of the most respected curators, photographers, and members of the Amateur Community, the competition is true reflection of the standard of photography taken in Ireland today.

Measureable results

10,000 Images uploaded
7% of visitors to the landing page entered the competition

About the Irish Times

“To publish an independent newspaper primarily concerned with serious issues for the benefit of the community throughout the whole of Ireland free from any form of personal or of party political, commercial, religious or other sectional control”.
The Irish Times Trust publishes Ireland’s quality daily news paper and run Irelands leading online news resource reporting Irish and International news, as well as sports and business coverage, features and arts sections, and lifestyle. The content is well-informed background analysis and assessment of the events of the day and diversity of debate. The paper is read by 287,000 people each day of which 230,000 are ABC1’s.
One of the core values of the Irish Times is the promotion of a friendly society where the quality of life is enriched by the standards of its education, its art, its culture and its recreational facilities. The Irish Times is always looking for new ways to engage its audience and exercise its editorial voice and it has strong sense of its curatorial role in the Arts and Photography.


The challenge faced by the Irish Times is the same challenged faced by traditional media throughout the world - how to engage audience and maintain revenues in an increasingly competitive commercial environment.

The Irish Times had been running photography competitions for a number of years with diminishing success both in terms of reader engagement, quality, and sponsor interest.
"Smart media companies are keeping their eyes on new services that engage readers and generate revenue. Picturk is one of those services." Johnny Ryan, Chief Innovation Officer, The Irish Times

The Irish Times Amateur Photographer of the Year Awards

We approached the Irish Times to partner with Picturk to run the Irish Times Amateur photographer of the Year Awards. We knew that we could re-invigorate the old-school photography competition and leverage the Irish Times values, reputation and reach to build a successful photography experience for photographers nationally generating direct revenue from the contributors and new sponsorship revenue.

Our experience and research had shown us that there was un-met need for a National Photography competition open to all Amateur photographers working in Ireland: a truly engaging experience that would capture the Imagination of the community of 80,000 people.

We recruited the 10 best curators, photographers, and accomplished and respected members of the amateur community to judge the competition. Picturk designed the incentives to take part. Picturk recruited the sponsor Canon. We provided an integrated easy-to-use online platform to run the competition from conception to close.

See what the judges thought of the process

An Engaged Sponsor

According to Jonothan Sultan, Country Marketing Manager at Canon “At Canon we like build great customer experiences. When Picturk and the Irish Times approached us they offered us something we could back. When they outlined what they had in mind we could immediately see the value in supporting the Awards. We knew that it would appeal to our target audience. We could see the value in supporting it”

A new asset that’s part of The Irish Times Calendar

“Working with Picturk, running the competition on their platform, and tapping their expertise enabled us create a new and engaging experience worthy of our readers. The Picturk team were able to step-up to the mark and supply an integrated service worthy of the Irish Times and its readership. When Picturk presented their idea to run the Irish Times Amateur Photographer of the Year we immediately saw the value in it. It’s a real win-win for all participants. We are delighted with the success of the competition and it’s now an established part of the Irish Times annual calendar.” John O’Shea, Head of Online at the Irish Times.

Running a competition of this scale creates operational challenges. The Picturk service addresses those challenges and enabled the Irish Times to run a competition of this scale with minimal effort.

The Irish Times stands for integrity and fairness. At Picturk we recognise our responsibility to each participant to make sure that each of their images is looked at and fairly judged. “By using the Picturk service we were able to run an extremely successful photo contest at the Irish Times with our ten judges working remotely online - efficiently and at their own pace. It would be hard to imagine a more effective way of managing a contest of that scale without a web based service such as Picturk” Frank Miller, Picture Editor and Staff Photographer.

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Run the very best photography competition you can. Attract thousands of excellent photographers. Keep focused by using one easy-to-use, scalable, always available platform. Picturk makes it possible.