Picturk: all-in-one photography competition software

Picturk brings your competition together in one powerful integrated system. Makes it easy to run Photography Awards, Photography Festivals, International Salons, Exhibitions, National Competitions, and Community Competitions

  • Deliver a great experience
  • Engage a passionate community
  • Exercise your curatorial voice
  • Create value for all participants

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  • For Photographers

  • Your Channel

  • Your Competition

  • Transparent

  • Clear Process

  • Analytics

  • Social

  • Scalable & Robust

  • Support & Expertise


For photographers: workflow that photographers get!

It’s easy for photographers to enter competitions hosted on our platform. We’ve codified the best processes and practices from hosting hundreds of competitions to create a workflow that’s user friendly and easy to use. Clear and well thought out touch points ensure that your users have the best experience. Support photographers in what they want to achieve.

  • Effective: Support photographers in what they want to achieve
  • Easy to use: User friendly and structured process to guide the use through the entry process
  • Familiar: Well thought-out and familiar touch points
  • Engaging: Designed to ensure that users immediately approach your competition with positivity

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Your channel: you control what’s collected and what’s published

Curate your competition with minimal effort. Easily edit your competition galleries: add and remove photographs. Update content on the competition micro-site: add and remove pages detailing the competition schedule, the judges, awards and prizes. Photographs will always be in the right format, correctly labelled, and attributed to the right photographer. Images are automatically captioned making them easy to include in press releases and other channels to publicise the competition.

  • Content Management: Add and edit content on the competition website
  • Gallery Management: Control which images a publicly visible
  • Image Format Validation: Images are always in the right format and of the correct dimensions
  • Captioning: Images are captioned according the IPTC photo metadata standards

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Your competition: customise Picturk and create a unique experience

Customise the entry process: collect all the information you need to run the best competition you can. Customise the competition: multiple categories, multiple entries, multiple judging rounds, shortlist cut-off, and awards can all be configured to enable you build the most appropriate experience for your organisation to support. Customise the competition website look and feel, integrate your branding and your sponsors branding. Support both print and digital workers, system supports both prints and digital images.

  • Fully Configurable: Multiple categories; mixed media; and multiple images; ability streams
  • Customisable Entry Process: Get the information you need
  • Fully Brandable: Integrate your organisations branding

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Transparent: easily communicate judges scores and give feedback

Using Picturk assures that your competition is fair. We provide visibility, clear communication, that helps re-assure the participants that their work was fairly scrutinised. Our system supports both remote judging and onsite judging. Judges can enter scores directly in our system, or an intermediary can do it on their behalf. Picturk tabulates the scores and creates a results table making it easy to identify the top scoring images. Awards can be recorded in the system. Shortlists can be compiled. Report cards can be sent detailing the judges’ score to all participants. Picturk can be used live at your event to showcase the images and record scores.

  • Judging Tools: A user friendly judging system
  • Feedback: Collate judges feedback and pass it on to entrants
  • Compare: Photographers can see the results and judge for themselves

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End to End Process: a complete competition package

Picturk makes it easy to run a competition from conception to close. We’ve addressed every aspect of the competition process from promoting the competition, to setting up the website, taking entries, collecting the entry fees, promoting the competition, judging tools, providing feedback, publishing results, competition galleries, to creating the competition catalogue. We offer a tried and tested, integrated, holistic solution.

  • End to End Process: Tried and tested process
  • Secure Payment Integration: PayPal integration is a breeze
  • Holistic Solution: We support you from conception to close

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Integrated Analytics: built to help you optimise the experience

We make it easy to observe how people interact with your competition: how many people visit the landing page; where they come from; how many of them go on to enter the competition. You can monitor how many people start the entry process, and where they are. These metrics enable you to optimise your communications and drive entries. Picturk is designed to work with your Google analytics enabling you to track goals and funnels.

  • Conversion tracking: Track your users’ progress through the entry process
  • Google Analytics integration: Trusted metrics directly from Google
  • Reminders: Send out reminder emails to help people along the funnel

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Social Media: use social channels to engage a wider audience

We offer three levels of social integration. We support social sign-in: users can login using their existing accounts with Google, Facebook and Flickr. Your competition can be promoted within the Picturk network to our users who regularly compete in photography competitions. You can engage a wider audience using our Facebook application. Picturk supports public voting using Picturk’s own Facebook application and makes it possible for the public to vote for their favorite images entered in your competition. Each vote is recorded on the voters time line and points back to the competition.

  • Social Sign-in: The easiest way for your users to authenticate
  • Picturk’s social Network: The easiest way to reach competitive photographers
  • Facebook voting: Drive traffic to your competition using social media

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Scalable and Robust: available to grow with your competition

Picturk is an online service that incorporates the best technology available today, built using robust tried and tested frameworks on the most scalable infrastructure ensures that your competition will nearly always be available and will never run out of storage. Photographs are served using our content delivery network which insures that they are served quickly. The Picturk platform incorporates a responsive design that ensures that Picturk works across a range of devices including phones, PC’s, and pads.

  • Scalable Architecture: Never run out of space
  • Online Service: No software to install and always available
  • Responsive Design: Works across different platforms, phone, pc, pad
  • Content Delivery Network: Fast download speeds

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All of this...
Support and expertise too!

We are the experts

If you're new to the Picturk platform and have questions about us, we would be happy to demonstrate our software and explain exactly how we work. We'll show you how your organisation can create a great competition experience that engages photographers.

All the support your need

Picturk’s team is always ready to help you and your competition entrants. We'll get you set up, configure the software for your particular needs, and provide resources to keep your competition up and running. We're your competition support team and we will answer questions from your entrants.

World-class Partner

Our world-class team can help you develop your business case to take your competition to the next level. We'll help you get set up. We’ll help you engage with stakeholders. We’ll help you engage with sponsors.

Run the very best photography competition you can. Attract thousands of excellent photographers. Keep focused by using one easy-to-use, scalable, always available platform. Picturk makes it possible.